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Cart Heat Final 3 Races

The first of the final three races took place at Las Vegas. With a rookie lepage7 winning the race. Gr8-1 (Series champ) had the pole position. He briefly battled with Rdd_Klesheen

Then it was on to the closest race of the 2001 season. California. Gr8-1 led the field to the green flag and had a great race with 2 other competitors.. RDD_Kle and Bruxo7. RDD crashed (and seen by this warp wreck) and Gr8-1 won his last race of the season in the closest finish to date

Sears Point was the last stop on the season-the race was named in tribute to the founder of the series Kool Guy 500. Low Rider took the pole and win. Nascar started 2nd but unfortuately crashed.

That is all folks! The season is done and this is the last official presidential filing that nhygroup will do as intirum president of the league. Good luck to k.harvick29 and nascar1912 as they lead us into season 2!