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Season One League Schedule:

(DTM)=DTM Support Series for the league(Click to read about the DTM support series-Friday Nights 7:30 PM

All races will be run in NORMAL mode (due to closer racing and safer starts)and Length of races are 15% for general racs and 25% for large races. Difficulty level will be zero unless noted. All league races will have qualifications.

(Also, if you have a "sponser" or title for the races-please let us know)

Click on the links below to read about the individual races/see screenshots

Race #.......Location......Date/Time

1--Homestead (MCBES CARTheat Grand Prix)--8/31 +++ GR8-Pole/Winner

2-Bristol Night (J. Lewis Grand Prix)--9/7 +++ Nhygroup-Pole/GR8 Winner

3-Atlanta-Cart US MEMORIAL race 15--9/14 +++ GR8 POLE/WINNER

4-Darlington--Southern Cart enduro--9/22+++Rebel Rider Pole/KoolGuy500-Winner

Race lenth for #4 25% and 6x difficulty

5-Watkins Glen-USGP Preview Race-10/6---9 PM EDT/8 PM EST

6-Texas-Texas 2 Step Cart Race--10/5--9 PM EDT/8 PM EST

7-**Donnington Park (NEW)**--10/12--- race #6 time

8-Aardvark Park--10/19---see race #6 time

Week Vacation on October 26th***

Due to time change all races after this will take place Fridays @ 8 PM EST

9-Michigan -- Little NH 500--11/2

Race lenth for #9 30%

10-(DTM)Richmond--Nascar Heat Tribute GP-11/9

11-(DTM)Portland (NEW)--Alex Zanardi GP--11/16

Thanksgiving Break****

12-(DTM)Indianapolis(S)!!!! --12-7

50% RACE - YES 50% race with 1 mandatory pit stop for gas

13-Las Vegas (S)---12-14

* Marlboro Challenge Type Race (S)-For Race winners/pole sitters and the top three in points-@California. No points given for this event. 12-21-01

14-(DTM)California (S)--Day after Christmas 12-21-01

Race Length set for #14 at 25%

15-Sears Point (RC)--12-26-01


POINTS SO FAR 12/8/01:Cart Finale Sears(May need tweaking)

1st GR8-1=242pts

2nd nhygroup=179 pts.

3rd nascar1912=74 pts.

4rd Mr. Traffic=69.

5th Bruxo7=45 pts.

6th RebelRider=40 pts.

7th jGordon24=39 pts.

8th RDD_Kleshreen=37 pts.

9th Low Rider=33 pts.

10th Kool Guy500=30 pts.

10th K.Harvick29=30 pts.

12th jGordon24=28 pts.

13th Ice#24=26 pts.

14th Hal 9=23 pts.

15th Aussie308=22 pts.

15th humancargo=22 pts

17th lepage7=21 pts.

18th White Zombie=15 pts

18th Thomas H.=15 pts.

20th Speedy=9 pts.

20th Cart Sizzler=9 pts.

20th herbie=9 pts.

23rd Rollbar57=8pts.

23rd Scottbaker8=8 pts.

23rd Thomas H-5=8 pts.

23rd donnie20fan=7pts

27th Paul Tracy=6 pts.

28th Topdawg=6pts.

28th hotdean=6pts

30th tonystewart=5 pts

31st jason2001=2 pts.