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Cart Heat Portland Race #11

11-23-01-Day After Thanksgiving (Makeup Race)

After three very unsuccessful tries to get this race going -it finally occurred at 8:30 PM Friday November 23, 2001 with some old and some very new drivers-which is always good. This race unknowingly became the Final race under the old beta physics 2 system.

The Portland race pole was won by rookie Aussie308 and he showed his stuff

Led early by nhygroup, Aussie308 took the lead and swapped it for a time with nhygroup.

The rest of the field except nascar1912 had good races. nascar1912 dropped out early and rollbar did too later on in the race. There were some wrecks-one of the worse involved Aussie and nhy who got caught up in a Warp induced wreck by Aussie.

The race was won by Aussie308 who proved with his #1 Target CART car that CART Heat is #1 and that CARTS are too!

This was the final finish for the beta version physics 2 of CARTHEAT and all competitors now are switching or having to switch to the "as it is" version. Next race is Dec 7th (Pearl Harbor Day). Indianapolis 50% race with one Mandatory Pitstop.