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Cartheat league Indianapolis Race 50%

The Inaugural Indianapolis CartHeat Race with the new CartHeat was a very interesting race and a major enduro race for all CART League Racers.

Never before had drivers attempted to go 125 laps. Unforunately, due to attrition and uncompetitiveness, the race was shortened early.

There were 9 entries in the race

Gr8-1 League Champion, in his champion's car Led the field to the green flag and the LONG race.

Battles ensued between Speedy, Hal9, and Rdd_Klesheen

Later on, after taking a 3 lap lead, gr8-1 went to the pits and allowed Rdd and Nhy to try to win the race

They had a good battle, but nhygroup, in his friends University of Michigan CART car, won his first race!

There will not be any races this long the rest of the season and the next race is next week@ Las Vegas