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CartHeat League

Welcome to the Cart Heat League website!

This is the brand new home of the Cart Heat League website. Our second season is almost over but you can still join for the 3rd season. Just email I or Keith and we'll get you your own driver page. We race the Cart Mod for Nascar Heat. You can get it at Check back often for updates!

Also if you are 18 or younger you can join the Heat For Kids formula cart league. The racing is just as heated as The cart league if not better. There are a few differences between the 2 leagues. One major difference is that our yahoo group overlooker nhygroup drivers pace car for the races. When he feels a caution is needed he will throw a yellow and the cars must follow him until he pulls off the track.

And finally there is the DTM support series for the Cart Heat League. I'll post more information about this later as i don't know too much about it.


Thanks for visiting!

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